American Taliban Says: God Good Gay Bad

129130665514393917Surprise. Apparently, the US Supreme Court is really supposed to be some sort of Fatwa-issuing office of higher doctrine, at least according to the hypocritical bible thumpers at Focus on the Family. As Judge Stevens retires, they’re worried about the prospect of a gay supreme court nominee (really; don’t they have better things to do than worry about stuff like that?)

And of course, once they yank the chain, even the few Republicans who in the past have been brave enough to look past petty homophobia will no doubt cower and repent at the thought of falling afoul of God’s Chosen Advocacy For Hate.

A gay nominee? Please. Bold & Brave Obama isn’t even going to have the courage to appoint a judge with the same liberal leanings as Stevens — that would be most inconvenient as he attempts to carry on Bush’s many illegal policies with impunity and gusto. No, we already got our token minority woman, that should have him covered on the “hopey changey” front with his gullible accolytes. My money is on a straight, white male, complete with bald patch, glasses and a history of never stepping outside the lines. Add that to the latest crop of ultra-conservatives, and you have a Supreme Court perfectly suited for maintaining the status quo and protecting the establishment. But change? Not much.

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