Funny How Things Work That Way…

“[…] we have successfully stabilized the financial markets,” and “started to see some stabilization on housing.” “But what we are still seeing is too many jobs lost […]”

So says Mr. Obama, as the country continues to haemorrhage jobs. Well, Sir Change-a-Lot, maybe if you hadn’t blow your load propping up banksters and your friends on Wall Street, you’d have had some cash left over to create some jobs. You make your choices, they have consequences. I’m sure Tim Geithner will still get to hang out with all his old buddies from Goldman; meanwhile, your once rising star with average schmucks like me is not so hot any more.

You blew it on the economy, didn’t do much with Iraq; your sudden love for secrecy and extra-judicial behavior was a bit of a blow to your calls for transparency and accountability, and your total failure on DOMA/DADT is, well, a total failure. Let’s see how you do with Health Care. — not expecting much by now.