Talk to Your Neighbors About Health Care, He Says

let's talk now

“I need you to knock on doors, talk to neighbors, spread the facts and speak the truth […]”

God, he’s getting desperate now, isn’t he? Uh, Mr. Obama, I’ve talked to all of my neighbors, douchebag, and they all want single payer health care, or at the very least, a public option — both aspects of health care reform that you and your posse of sell-outs have managed to concede for nothing in return from the likes of Baucus and Grassley. So, now that we’ve tried that, how about you wake up and smell the roses, Sir Change-a-Lot: your prospects of being a single-term dismal failure are looking significantly better (worse?) with every passing day, while health care reform increasingly appears to be a big bad bust.

Fail, Mr. Obama, utter fail.