A Quiet Genius: Miguel Marin-Padilla

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to be asked to get some pictures of Miguel Marin-Padilla, a retired Dartmouth professor still living in Hanover, NH with a full research lab set up in his basement. I’d never heard of the professor before, but learning more about his lifelong passion for painstakingly uncovering the secrets of the brain was fascinating, and meeting him in person was a delight.

padilla_2Marin-Padilla has made some spectacular breakthroughs in some of the most complex studies of the inner workings of the brain — and yet, he is largely unknown and ignored by all but a few of his peers.

Read Susan Green’s full story of Miguel Marin-Padilla on the website of the Geisel School of Medicine — and learn about one of the unsung heroes of modern science.