The Business End Of This Thing

working from home

I’ve been working with “the intertubes” since the mid 90’s, either in-house (the United Nations and International Rescue Committee) or as a freelance coder/designer/editor-for-hire.

I have a degree in business administration and marketing, and a background as a photo journalist, editor, and graphic designer. Of course, I also have the geek credentials that come from growing up as a teenager fascinated with the first Commodore 64s and Sinclairs from the very early 80s.

And I should emphasize: it really is just me. No royal “us,” no following the favored (but vaguely ridiculous) small-business tradition of pretending this is a multi-national conglomerate by talking about “our customers” and claiming that “we do this, that, and the other, too.” This is a one-man operation, which gives me the privilege of working directly with all my clients on all aspects of their exciting projects. I do rely on a number of talented freelance editors and designers and enjoy working on projects where a team effort is involved.