Category: Adventures of the Apprentice Direwolf

In which a fluffy husky and an aging trail runner explore the trails of the Upper Valley

April 6, 2021

Like the finest truffles, the tastiest of critters are of course those that have been allowed to marinate in unfiltered pond water before fermenting under a rotting birch log, and finally left to properly cure in the gentle rays of the early spring sun…. delish.

April 5, 2021

Spent a good 15 minutes trying to unearth a critter to no avail… it’s a tough life in the jungle.

April 2, 2021

If winter keeps on calling, we’ll keep on coming back for more… Joined @jeremyxmerritt for sunrise worship on Cube — while it was surprisingly cold, the trail was unsurprisingly messy, with mud, ice and fresh snow offering up the classic early mud season challenges underfoot. Laika approved of all of it.