Acceptance Healthier than Hatred — Who Knew?

acceptanceSomeone alert Rick Warren and his buddy Barack: the studies are in, and the results are clear: accepting and supporting people — particularly kids — who come out leave them less vulnerable to depression and suicide. I’m just guessing here, but comparing a loving relationship with pedophelia might not be seen as supportive. And comparing the love shared by a faithful, longterm, monogamous couple with incest could be seen as condesecending and highly critical.

Of course, in Rick Warren’s ideal world, such studies would never even be undertaken — I’m always amazed at the refusal on the part those with preconceived notions about how things to even consider objective studies that might, you know, prove them wrong.

Oh, and speaking of wrong and teh religiously dumb: those awesome virginity pledges much hyped by evangelicals as the solution to everything from warts to teen pregnancies? Turns out that, not only do they not work at all, they actually increase the risk of kids having unprotected sex, increasing their risk of catching an STD or getting pregnant. In the spirit of getting some actual data, I suppose it was an okay experiment to undertake, but now that the data is in, can we leave it up to the cults themselves to indoctrinate their kids like this without the use of our hard-earned tax dollars?