Ah, Right as Rain

rainy season in rwanda

The “small” rainy season in this neck of the woods started on Saturday. Suddenly, it became quite apparent why the main roads have massive four foot deep culverts on the side. It’ll help green up the place, but it also had the novel side effect of emptying the streets of people, which is almost unheard of in overpopulated Rwanda. Even the intrepid and usually ever-present moto drivers huddled together under the cover of our local gas station. The few people who were out and about under umbrellas were exceptionally smiley and looked relieved to finally have this release after months of relentless drought and at times oppressive heat.

Meanwhile, I’m in a foul, grumpy mood, courtesy of landlords, plumbers, and the onslaught of the exceptional incompetence with which we’ve been surrounded for the past day or two, so I’ll just let this post do the talking while I try to get over myself.