review sucks.

The end.

No, seriously, this is one lame, pathetic place to shop. Don’t. Just don’t shop there — even if they have the best deal on something, their crappy shipping, dubious business practices, and complete lack of customer response (would it kill you to actually answer the phone or respond to email?) puts them about as far down the list as you can get. Between the four of us in my family we have 11 bikes, so I am constantly buying replacement parts, clothes and etc. for both mountain and road bikes. I’ve shopped Pricepoint, Nashbar, Performancebike, Alfred E Bike, Treehouse Bikes, Speedgoat and countless other shops over the years, both online and off, and while they certainly haven’t all been stellar I can’t remember ever being so completely bummed about a bike shop. I usually like people who work at bike shops — I assume that, because they like bikes, bikers and biking, they must be “good people”. But evidently the crowd behind couldn’t care less about their customers, and it shows. I needed the stuff I ordered for a big ride this coming weekend, and now I’ve got to go out and get it locally instead. Next time, maybe I’ll just do that in the first place, and leave the hell alone.

So, you send me an order confirmation on the 2nd, charge my credit card on the 3rd, and yet not until I email you on the 10th to ask where my stuff is do you take that key step of shipping the damn stuff?!? How long would it have been sitting in your warehouse if I hadn’t taken action?

I’ll let this review join the many here, here and at bizrate (including several that mention their inability to actual ship the product they sell), and hopefully it’ll keep at least a couple of customers from having the same sorry experience I had. I’m bummed at for even bothering to list items from — they really should filter their stuff better.

So, thanks for nothing,, that was a total waste of time and money. Let’s see if you survive this season — I hope not.