Bonding With the Lions and Elephants

IMG 9021

Our 2nd day in Uganda was spent noodlin’ around in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Since it would have cost us $150 to bring our own car into the park and endless grief if the lame ol’ clunker broke down in the middle of nowhere, we opted to splurge and pay $250 to have a driver take us in a schweet semi-open safari-mobile instead. Totally worth it, not least because it meant I got a chance to focus on photos instead of pot holes for a change.

We had a blast; (almost) saw a pack of lions make a kill, ran into a herd of elephants — and then kept running into elephants to the point where they had little more appeal than squirrels in the park. We learned that Ugandan Cobs are animals, not snacks. On the obligatory boat ride later in the day on the Kazinga Channel that connects Lake Edward and Lake George we saw all the hippos, buffalo, alligators, and birds we could possibly want, along with some beautiful views across to the D.R. Congo.

A long day with lots of great memories — best time we’ve had in a while.