Calling Other People’s Kids a Poison… Charming

krampus04South Carolina state senator Daniel B. “Danny” Verdin boldly throws his hat in the ring early for the Asshole of the Year awards with his statement that other people’s kids are a poison, a malady that must be cured. We’ve heard that kind of verbiage from his neck of the woods before — back when it was de rigeur to talk about black people in those derogatory terms. F. W. De Klerk of South Africa would no doubt appreciate Mr. Verdin’s choice phrase, and Adolf and the goosesteppers must be chuckling in their graves to hear elected officials in a democracy in the 21st century talk about anybody’s child as a poison.

Nice work, Dannyboy, I’m sure your parents — children of immigrants themselves — are so very, very proud of you. This is what passes for civilization around here? Feh.