Clubbing with Lynn Westmoreland

Lynn WestmorelandRemember this complete moron? Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R – Clueless) on The Colbert Report some months ago, failed to list the Ten Commandments after having co-sponsored legislation hyping their importance. It was completely priceless, and I couldn’t help but wonder how on earth a spectacularly dim bulb such as Westmoreland could possibly outdo himself.

Well, since he’s not really all that busy representing his voters back in Georgia, he’s got plenty of time to try. According to an AP wire story “[…] the Grantville Republican told a Douglas County Chamber of Commerce luncheon that he ‘voted for torture […]'” then realized how that might sound to some, and came back the following day and declared that he should have “put that another way.” Westmoreland was one of only eight Congressmen to vote against an amendment reaffirming the United States’ commitment to the U.N. Convention Against Torture last year.

More from the AP:

Pressed on whether that means he supports torture, he said, “What’s torture? Torture is many things to many people … people have different breaking points.”

Asked whether he would support using electric shocks, he said, “Electric shocks are given to people during initiations to different clubs … Is that torture? I don’t know.”

That’s all sad n’ stuff, but what I want to know is this: what the fuck kind of clubs does Lynn Westmoreland belong to where they use electric shock as the initiation ritual?!? Inquiring minds *really* want to know more about that. Don’t they?

UPDATE: Tbogg runs with this as only he can.