Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz No More

2b49OSo, as someone who recently kicked the caffeine habit entirely, I totally love this shot. That was how I felt about coffee not that long ago: revered it, craved it night and day, loved the smell, the flavor, the concept, the buzz — the whole deal. And now, I don’t. I quit cold turkey, and after three days of massive caffeine withdrawal headaches, I was totally fine and felt *so* much better. Now I’ll occasionally test my status with a cup of joe, but I’ve been shocked to find that the flavor doesn’t do it for me any more. I greatly appreciate being able to get a buzz out of a single cup of coffee, though — as any addict will confess, I was at the point where I needed an entire pot of coffee just to get to my baseline, never mind getting the coffee high.

(Photo via reddit)