Der Popenfuhrer Declares: "Do As We Say, Ignore What We Do"

political-pictures-pope-invisible-boyThe Pope is at it again; preaching to the faithful leadership of Boys ‘R Us USA he declares that gays are icky, the earth is flat, and yada yada yada. The usual greatest hits of sanctimony and hypocrisy. His speechifying is so full of teh sad & teh fail it’s hard to know where to even begin mocking it: 

Benedict said there was an urgent need for Catholics in America to discover the value of chastity — an essential element of Christian teaching that he said had been subject to unjust “ridicule.”

Ridicule, perhaps. but unjust? Surely not. You deserve everything you get and more. Having said that, there’s certainly an urgent need for Catholic Priests in America to discover the value of chastity — that would be quite a relief to countless altar boys across the country. 

The 84-year-old pope acknowledged his comments might sound anachronistic or “countercultural,” particularly to the young. But he told bishops to not back down in the face of “powerful political and cultural currents seeking to alter the legal definition of marriage.”

You know, I think the old Nazi is right: he might come across just a wee bit old school with his finger wagging and admonitions about the supposed horrors of pre-maritial sex, same sex couples and contraception. Like, 200 years old school. Good luck to his bishops, who are already struggling to keep their cult relevant in the face of all the progress that runs directly counter to their draconian and oppressive doctrine about women, sex, and relationships in all their glorious forms. 

Benedict said a weakened appreciation for traditional marriage and the widespread rejection of responsible sexuality had led to “grave social problems bearing an immense human and economic cost.” He didn’t elaborate on what the cost was.

I wonder if he was referring to the absolutely astronomical cost to his own cult from the countless lawsuits over decades of covered-up child abuse? Maybe if he’d been preaching “responsible sexuality” to his clergy way back when instead of working overtime to cover up their heinous acts it’d be less of an uphill struggle at this point in the game.