Douchebag Douglas and The Art of Marriage

Just shot this off to my local paper (The Valley News) after hearing that Jim “The Douche” Douglas in his infinite wisdom has declared that he’ll veto a marriage equality bill if it gets passed by the VT house in addition to the Senate. He is *such* an embarasment to this great state.

To the editor,

A few weeks ago, Governor Douglas declared that he didn’t “see the need to have … a divisive debate about” the topic of same-sex marriage because of  the need to focus on the dire state of the economy. While Mr. Douglas has every reason to be deeply concerned about the impact on Vermonters of the financial mess created by his irresponsible GOP friends and colleagues in DC, I urge the Governor to reconsider his pointlessly divisive stance against something as fundamental as the extension of basic civil rights to
all couples in Vermont.

Apparently Governor Douglas is the only one around here who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, and the only one who thinks a debate must be “divisive” just because he’s dead set against the inevitable outcome. After a civilized, democratic process, the state Senate (including several of the Governor’s courageous Republican colleagues) recently voted overwhelmingly in favor of recognizing same-sex marriage. Being the smart, compassionate and caring Vermonters they are, the House appears set to follow. In fact, the divisiveness on this issue seems to come largely from the Governor himself, and in that spiteful spirit he today declared that he would veto
the bill.

The time has come to put an end this sad chapter of discrimination; the Governor needs to acknowledge as much, listen to the will of the people of Vermont for a change, and then make himself part of a proud legacy of tolerance, love and respect – not the sole obstacle in its way.


Let’s see what happens.