Enough with the warnings already

Just read this, and while I really want to give Conyers the benefit of the doubt I can't help but marvel. He's written to Fielding eight times asking the White House to stop interfering with the rule of law. Eight times?!? I'm a parent. If I'm in a restaurant and I have to ask the kids eight times to shut up already and sit still, I've *so* lost and the people in the booth next to us have every right to call me a total failure as a parent. Eight times? Shit, even a toddler knows that after three warnings there's hell to pay. What on earth possesses Conyers to think that "maybe Fielding just misunderstood the other times I wrote, this time he'll get it and comply"?

Politics around here really has become an almost insufferably embarrasing rendition of bullies in the school yard delivered by whiny-ass titty babies, as Atrios et al so memorably have called them. I can't even get myself to write about so-called Democrats like Schumer and Feinsten — but I had higher hopes for Conyers. The jury is still out on Leahy and his committee on Mukasey, but it looks like the "hey, waterboarding sounds kinda fun, maybe it's not that bad to have an attorney general who dabbles in torture on the side…" crowd has it. Nice country they had here, too bad they went and f'ed it up.