FBI's Mad Photoshop Skilz, Yo!

Osama-bin-Laden--27734That’s awesome. With all the gazillions of dollars we’re giving them to protect the homeland and all that, you’d assume that the FBI was able to do shit like age progression of a photo somewhat competently — heck, the missing and exploited kids guys with the whole milk carton routine can do it (oh, and sweet mother of irony: they’re doing it with the help of a grant from the FBI).

But, apparently, one of the crack government agencies tasked with finding Osama-bin-Missing-for-Quite-Some-Time-Now really couldn’t be bothered. So, instead, they just cobbled something together, using the picture of a Spanish politician. Nice. Nothing builds confidence in their ability to protect us from real terrorists than seeing them totally wing it. What’s next? Using an Ouija board to come up with defense strategies? We already know they’re pulling the No Fly lists out of their asses, so nothing really should surprise us any longer.

Seriously, the wonderful guys at The Onion have nothing on the wizards-in-charge when it comes to over-the-top narratives of stupid and embarrassing…

(Photo from freakingnews.com)