Get Your God On

locknloadjesus.jpgThis is just plain ridiculous. Old poll from last year, but still an eye-opener: in this wonderful secular society where state and religion are supposed to be separate and freedom of (from?) religion is enshrined in the 1st Amendment, it appears that, well, most people haven’t gotten the hint. They still seem to insist that their president be some sort of pseudo-Pope, a Priest of the Cult of the Country, a card-carrying bible thumper.

Look at the numbers: they hate and fear people who question their Bible-based fairy tales even more than those icky gay people that they’re also busy hating it. It’s certainly great to see that race and gender and your particular flavor of religion is somewhat pushed aside, but what the hell is with the “must believe in God” schtick?

This is of course why both Hillary and Obama can get away with being a woman and a black man, respectively: they both profess their devotion to scripture, and Hillary in particular appears to be in bed with some of the creepier born-agains on the power circuit in DC. Of course, for weirdos like me, that in and of itself is a major strike against her — I mean, if she can believe as fact the fantastical nonsense served up as gospel and moral guidance in the Bible, then how are we supposed to trust her reading of a threat assessment or a security report?