Grinch Refuses to March, Oklahoma to Celebrate

Grinch-1Seriously, how much more like toddlers can these asshats be? Jim Inhofe — already solidly on the Top Ten list of grandiose jerks of the century — is stomping his evangelical little feet and insisting, nay, demanding that Tulsa, Oklahoma change the name of their holiday parade to Christmas Parade. Otherwise. He. Won’t. March.

Jim, my friend, you won’t be missed. I hope to God Tulsa’s authorities take the opportunity to further improve the quality of their parade by declaring it an “Inhofe Free Zone.” Senator, did it ever occur to you that there are people other than your Xtian co-delusionalists in the world, and that for many of them this is a festive season that might be celebrated with a parade? And that using the opportunity to stuff your baby Jesus down their heathen throats might be somewhat inconsiderate? And that throwing a hissy-fit over the name of an effin’ parade is about as mature and statesmanlike as throwing up all over your host at a formal diploamtic dinner party (I guess you learned from the best, huh?)

Get stuffed, you awful excuse for  a human being. Any parade that features you would be a mournful affair; hopefully the good people of Tulsa will realize that your refusal to show up is the true blessing of this special time of year.

(h/t Right Wing Watch via talkingpointsmemo)