Hardship Post

TWA-old-service So, part of the idea of going to Africa was to toughen the kids up a bit, show them there’s more to life than room service and streaming video on-demand. Well, thanks for nothing, Delta. Upgrading us all to business class to Amsterdam thwarted Dad’s cunning character-building plan right quick.

Don’t get me wrong: at 6′ 3″ and all legs I’m one cheap bastard who can fully appreciate cabin accommodations that are a little roomier than the cattle cart conditions back in steerage. But, really — constantly feeding us truffles and pouring vintage champagne down our throats was a bit much.

So, now we’re lounging at the business class lounge in Amsterdam, drinking ridiculous amounts of cappuccinos, appreciating the uber-Euro setting while killing time waiting for our flight to Kigali. I assume we’ll eventually encounter hardship along the way.

Bike update (as if anyone cares): $150 surcharge got it checked at Logan, and the TSA guys promised not to abuse it — unlike the toddlers they get caught molesting on a regular basis. So perhaps I’ll see it again on the other end.