Harry Reid Sees Scary Muslims. Run Harry, Run.

harry-reidNice. Just when you thought Harry Reid (D – Wuss) had displayed his mastery of the whole range from dipshit to sellout, he outdoes himself in douchebaggery.

First of all, what business is this of a guy from Arizona? I know he’s running for re-election against a woman with the IQ and compassion of a sharp stick, but does he really have to give us his two cents’ worth about a controversy on the other side of the country in a blatant attempt to curry favor with her insane constituency of xenophobes? How about, Harry, you join the rest of the idiots in your homestate and go posture with a shotgun at the border — that would at least keep the stupidity local.

Second of all, what is with this bullshit “ooh, downtown Manhattan is sacred ground, can’t have scary muslims there”? Seriously, WTF? Downtown Manhattan is a bunch of streets and buildings. It’s not Yellowstone National Park or the White House. And guess what: there are muslims in New York. I know it’s shocking to someone like Reid, who clearly doesn’t now shit from shingles. But, yes, really. Muslims. Alive and well. In New York. And guess what else? They’re mostly not blowing shit up. They’re pretty much all not very scary. They’re a) American, b) people just like you and me, and c) looking to build a community center. We’re supposed to be scared of that? Then the terrorists — be they Jewish, Xtian, or Muslim — have won, and it doesn’t really matter what we build and where.

But I’d really have hoped to see the Democrats stand united in defense of common decency and common sense — not to mention the Constitution. But after Obama’s classic “I’m all for freedom of religion, but in this particular case I’m not necessarily for that particular flavor of freedom, so…” attempt at having it both ways (really, is there a single issue out there where he would have the stones to actually stand firm and not try to appease the mouth breathers while pretending to give a shit about civil rights?) and now Reid’s attempt at outdoing Glen Beck on the stupidometer, that’s clearly to much to ask of this crowd.