Heads We Win, Tails You Lose!

So, Obama gets to appoint yet another Republican to his cabinet. One that he thinks can help him fix the economy, and exercise that’s being made almost impossible by the petulant Republicans and their obstructionist agenda. Okay. And in return, NH Governor Lynch has — for some bizarre reason — agreed to appoint a Republican senator to replace senator Gregg, so there’s no chance of taking the opportunity to swing the Senate past the 60 vote filibuster threshold and thereby ensure the passage of a half-decent economic recovery plan.

So, from my perspective: Republican in place as Sec. of Commerce? Bad. New Republican in place of ex-Senator Gregg? Bad. Republicans: 2 Common Sense: 0. It’ll all make sense after the big group hug, when Obama with his winning ways convinces both Boehner-boy and Mitch McConnell to vote for the good of the country. He can do that, you know, he has that special Kenyan-Hawaiian voodoo going. Or maybe he’s just going to compromise himself into a corner, and we’ll all be well and truly f@$*ed.

Time will tell.