Hewlett-Packard is on fire, baby!

Or at least my 19" HP LCD monitor. Scary as hell, just sitting there, and suddenly the thing starts blowing smoke and stinking up the joint with the wonderful smell of melting circuit boards. If I hadn't been on hand to yank out the power cord I'm not sure what would have happened. Apparently this happens quite a bit — see this post as well as this. HP is hedging, of course, the monitor is out of warranty, but that hardly means it's kosher for the damn thing to try to burn my house down… If all else fails, I may give these guys a try to get it fixed. I really like the monitor, it's been great, but this is not cool at all.

Update: In all fairness, I have to give it to Hewlett-Packard, they totally delivered here. After bouncing back and forth between every support tech and sales rep in the company over several days, I finally had amassed enough complaint bonus points or something to get a legitimate claim filed. And, behold, next thing I know, a replacement refurb monitor appeared on my doorstep.

That is just very, very excellent, exemplary support, Hewlett-Packard, and even though I still carry a grudge for your inadvertent attempt at incinerating my office with your stealth weapon of mass destruction, I'm going to give you major, major props for this and consider you a contender when I next go to replace some gadget or other.