Joomla Spoken Here

svn-75.gifA client of mine needed an entire website set up to run in English and Vietnamese (a fascinating language to see written — accents and squiggles everywhere, it’s really quite incredible, but a monumental pain in the neck to work with online). Joomfish of course is made for that sort of stuff, and works great. Well, almost. A few components won’t play nice, in my case EasyFAQ and FacileForms.

A bit of prodding and poking led me to the solution (and here, too): build an XML file with the specs for the component (maps the joomfish table entries to the component table), drop the XML in place in the com_joomfish backend and hit go. Works wonders, and once again shows the power of Joomla and the community of developers out there who are keeping a great platform well supported.