Kills Them. Dead.

Dear Leader’s appointed “democratizers” in Iraq can’t even figure out how to kill the other bad guys without screwing the pooch. Oh, snap. Do deluded morons like McCain and Lieberman really believe that their new best buddies can run the mess we’ve left them if something as simple as hanging a guy gives them so much trouble?

Thankfully, the AP takes the trouble of getting a sane person’s quote to put the whole notion of executions in Iraq in perspective. From Param-Preet Singh, counsel for the international justice program at Human Rights Watch:

“Under no circumstances can an execution be in accordance with human rights standards.”

That’s worth remembering as we praise the execution of random bad guys as “progress”: No matter how nicely you do it, you’re still killing someone. Whether or not their head gets ripped off or your fellow thugs are taunting them while they’re dying, you’re still killing them. Dead. That’s not a nice thing to do if you want to be seen as a civilized nation.

After it became apparent that we weren’t finding WMDs and weren’t really eliminating a threat to the US, Dear Leader and his propaganda spreaders latched on to the notion that they were squandering billions on “making things better” in Iraq — they were going to install a democracy and all that jazz. But it appears that they’ve just handed things over to a different bunch of thugs (albeit their kind of thugs) who with our blessing have proceeded to kill their predecessors in the job. Hooray, that surely was worth the lives of 3,000 brave American soldiers?