Know Thine Enemy — But What If He's on Your Side?

Feeling completely infuriated by the fact that the large parts of the country seems fine with the Senile/Ignorant ticket of Krusty McSame and Caribou Barbie, you can't help but look to the Democrats for some kind of coordinated rebellion. But, lo, all you find is the old boys network pedaling as hard as it can to go nowhere in particular. Viz, our Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, quoted here in a Politico piece regarding Joe Lieberman (I-turncoat whackjob):

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid 'had no intention' of disciplining Lieberman for merely backing John McCain

Merely backing John McCain?!? Last time I checked, the Democrats were running, uh, the other guy as their candidate. How much more of a traitor can you be than rooting loudly for the other guy? I don't get the whole Beltway mentality where they're all really buddies, and it's all really okay as long as it doesn't rock the boat.

Fiddling while Rome burns and all that — if Reid really doesn't have a problem with Joe backing John, then why the hell should be think this election really matters? McCain is more of the same, but Reid evidently has no problem with that, so the past eight years must've been dandy by him. Sort of explains why he hasn't bothered fight against most of the legislation coming down the pipe from the Bush White House.

Also explains why the approval ratings for Congress right now hovers a bit below the approval ratings for date rape and athelete's foot…