Lake Kivu Storm


Just a quick picture for now. We had dinner at a bizarre restaurant on the shore of Lake Kivu this evening — reportedly one of the best in town (not saying much), it was hiding in the pitch black darkness at the end of a dirt road down a driveway that could only barely be negotiated with a 4×4 and featured a precipitous drop towards the lake; we were of course the only people in the place (the others probably perished on the way), but they were open for business and served fairly decent food.

As we were eating, a storm started out over Lake Kivu, illuminating the shoreline with spectacular lightning. By the time we left, the wind was picking up and the rain starting. We made the harrowing five mile drive back to our hotel (in the pitch black you can’t see the hundreds of people walking along the side of the road at all hours, including tiny little kids, and the crazy moto drivers and trucks going the other way tend to take your lane and insist on running their high beams to ensure that you can’t see what’s about to hit you), and by the time we got to our room, the storm was raging farily nicely in the distance. An appropriately dramatic ending to a tough day that took a lot out of us all.