Markos Throws a Tantrum

Well, someone is pissed that he’s now so mainstream that he’s largely irrelevant… Markos Moulitsas, supposed grand poo-bah of the online left, gets his hate on for Dennis Kucinich here. Oh, and apparently decided to spend one of his prime time moments on national TV encouraging a challenger to Kucinich in a primary if he carries thru on his threat to vote against the lame health-insurance bail-out plan.

According to Allmighty Markos, standing firm on core democratic principles and wanting the one shot we have at health care reform to actually make a real difference makes you “a purity troll.” Nice. With that level of suckiness, Markos may at long last be ready to get his very own talk show where he can continue to lecture those of us left on the left about how stupid and ignorant we are for staying out there when it’s so warm and toasty in the comfort & company of sellouts like the rest of the mainstream Ds.

Oh, and while we’re at it: Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes, sometimes pretend progressive Democratic representatives from New Hampshire, when you’re up for re-election next year, your votes against a resolution to end the Afghanistan war will be one reason why I won’t give a shit what happens to the two of you. Very happy to see my local Rep, Peter Welch, muster the courage to vote for this resolution — that cannot have been easy to do, but it was the right thing to do. Read the background for the resolution introduced by Kucinich here. Apparently, most of Congress is extremedly worried about our deficit and shit, but they have no qualms about handing the Pentagon a cool $33Bn for the next short phase of that pointless exercise — they don’t even want to discuss it.