Meanwhile, 30,000 people a year are killed by gunfire in the United States

01Ooh, AFP gets with the snarky. Right there at the end. I like it, I like it. Also really liked this comment from a guy who’s about to be licensed to own a fully automatic weaopon:

“You got underwear on every day, I got this every day… you know,” he said pointing to his gun.

That’s right. Underwear, lethal weapon — what’s the difference, really? Oh, wait, wait, pick me, pick me, I know, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution done told me:

A Gainesville man was jailed after his toddler son accidentally shot himself with a gun the child found in his father’s bedroom.

Very, very rarely do you hear stories about two year old kids blowing their heads off with a pair of underwear, no matter how ripe and ready for the wash. Can’t say it hasn’t happened, but…

(via rawstory; picture from here)