Just Minding Our Own Business

Lea and Tijmen at Fazenda Sengha

Another week in Kigali, another Sunday spent on the mountain with good company and horses… ah, but I repeat myself.

Lea on ZorroLea rides at “Fazenda Sengha” the only real “stable” in all of Rwanda. Until recently, they were down to two horses (one, really — Licky is ancient and worn out, and should be allowed to retire to the nearest couch), but the recent arrival of a handful of Kenyan ex race horses and ponies has improved the numbers a bit.

The real treat is the view from the riding arena and the patio right above it. Endless views across the valley west of Kigali, complete with a lazy, meandering river and countless little villages scattered on the hillsides. The peace and quiet along wit the cool, crisp air at almost 7,000 feet is a welcome treat after the hustle and bustle of Kigali 2,000 feet below. Add to that the Sunday tradition of a potluck with some of the other families with kids riding at the stable, and it’s a downright enjoyable way to end the week.

This afternoon we shared the table with the families of two of Lea’s classmates. Yannick (from Holland) was one of Lea’s first new friends in Rwanda. Tijmen (yes, also from Holland) only recently returned from an extended summer break, and Lea had been given the impression by classmates that he really was too weird for comfort. Nothing like an hour spent getting acquainted to thoroughly clear up the confusion — apparently, Tijmen is actually a really nice guy. Who knew?

Once the new pack of horses recover from the travel wounds (literally — three days boxed up in a truck trekking across Africa is nobody’s idea of a good time, and certainly not healthy for a horse) Lea will hopefully be able to ride more than just once a week; for now, the Sunday afternoon lesson and social hour will remain a regular feature of our weekend.