Moving from Joomla to WordPress

A client of mine wants to set up a blog on the joomla 1.5 site I recently built for them. They would like this, that, and the other feature that are precisely the reasons why a lot of people over the past years have slammed Joomla as a bad blogging platform. I blog on Joomla, but I don’t need all the bells and whistles, so up until now I’ve been fine with the limitations. It’s easy enough to run WordPress on Joomla — the guys over at corePHP make a highly acclaimed (pay-to-play) widget that’ll do just that, and since my client’s blog is brand new, there’s no existing content to worry about.

But. Perhaps it’s time for me to move to WordPress — and I have a couple of clients with large existing blogs that might want to make the move as well. So I looked for a migration tool, and found very little until I came across this site, that seems to offer exactly what I’m after. I’ve got some old 1.0.15 sites to move, as well as some 1.5.9 sites, all of it into (preferably) WP 2.7.1 installs so I don’t have to futz with subsequent upgrades just to get current. Nice to see that the Open Source community still delivers — both Joomla and WordPress are phenomenal tools, and between them I believe they can cover pretty much any and all online communications needs.