My Friend’s Friend…

nukesSo, let me get this straight: Iran is the evil-est empire ever, because they appear to be wanting what everyone else has these days: nukes. Only, now that we’ve stopped pissing them off with our stupid posturing and lame-ass Bushian rhetoric of axis of evil and actually sat down and talked with them, they’re agreeing to all sorts of things, like letting the IAEA inspect their new enrichment site, and they’ve shipped off a bunch of uranium to Russia to be used for regular energy purposes. Doesn’t sound all that evil.

Just down the road, however, there’s an entirely different creature: Israel, our bestest friend in spite of everything, recipient of billions of our tax-payer dollars in subsidies for their never-ending violations of basic human rights and common decency, recipient of all the arms they can eat, including nasty shit like white phosphorous and cluster bombs, which is used uncritically against civilians again and again with no apparent criticism or repercussions. Oh, and they have nukes, too, but Obama just sat down and promised them that they could continue to keep them secret and uninspected — oh, and that whole non-proliferation nonsense? That’s for all the other countries with a penchant for killing their neighbors, but not for Israel.

Double standards? Check. Hypocrisy? Check. USA — we’ve got it all. And nukes, too.