Mythbusting in Rwanda

IMG_5669There are two cardinal rules you learn as a dog owner: never feed them grapes, and never feed them chocolate. A few years ago, Lucky made off with and ate an entire loaf of banana bread, complete with chocolate chips, and we were petrified that it would do her in. But apparently Golden Retrievers like her can tolerate it.

All the same, we were still extremely concerned when Cody, the adorable mutt who lives with our friends in Kigali and kept us company for the first week, made away with an entire family-size Toblerone bar of dark chocolate and ate the whole thing, tinfoil and all, the day we left Kigali for our weekend in Gisenyi. Surely that would be Kryptonite to a puppy tummy?

We called and checked in on him repeatedly, but he apparently just suffered a bit of a stomach ache and was otherwise fine. So, myth definitely busted: not all dogs are vulnerable to  chocolate poisioning. Who knew?