Oh, no, that’s not the environment…

… The environment is over there. BP at GMD points out a delicious, steaming helping of semantic bullshit cooked up by the highly skilled liars at Vermont Yankee/Entergy, and served for us piping hot via the Associated Press’ flawed-as-always process of uncritically quoting those who represent the status quo. With regards to the leak-that-didn’t-from-the-hole-that-wasn’t-in-the-pipe-that-didn’t-exist story which hopefully will prove to be the final nail in the coffin that is Vermont Yankee comes this denial:

The water coming from the pipe gets collected in a sump drain and doesn’t reach the environment.

Doesn’t. Reach. The. Environment. So, plant spokesman Larry Smith, your TritiumBeGone™ sump drain is suspended beyond the space-time continuum in a vortex of dark matter, unconnected to the known universe, certainly unconnected to the parts of Vermont that surrounds it? How else would our man Larry be able to make the claim that the water doesn’t reach the environment?

Larry, my friend, here’s news for you: the environment is everywhere. I know that to a guy who’s paid to lie about the well-being of an arthritic and incontinent aging and decrepit nuclear reactor on its last leg that may be incredibly inconvenient, but, seriously: there’s no escaping the environment. You, your plant, your sump drain, your leaky pipe and your tritium are all part of it. Indeed, that’s the whole problem, Larry: your shitty old steam engine doesn’t operate separate from the world around it. It so very, very much is a part of the world around it. And if we don’t get it shut down now, it’s not a question of if, but when it will fail even more epically and cause some real damage to the environment, sump drain and all.

And please note this, Larry: Vermont Yankee’s owner’s “environment” is Louisana. Their priority is their money. Our environment is Vermont. Our priority is to keep Vermont beautiful and safe for ourselves and our kids. We care about Vermont. Entergy and their hired lackeys at Vermont Yankee (along with their enablers in the Douglas administration) don’t. It’s a really big difference, and it’s the reason, Larry, that you will hopefully shortly have to post your resume on monster.com looking for some new corporation for which you may spread lies and disinformation.