Obama's Little Brownshirt: Whatever it Takes

This was pretty disturbing reading. Not only is Rick Warren a grade A douchebag, but, apparently, he’s also a megamaniacal one. And clueless, too: did he really think it was appropriate to compare his little cult with the Nazis? Seriously, dude…

[…]pastor Warren described how in 1939 in a packed Munich Stadium before the leader of the Third Reich, young brown-shirted men and women spelled out in formation, with their bodies, words in German which read “Hitler, we are yours.”

“And they nearly took the world, ” pastor Rick told the stadium crowd. He moved on to quote another inspirational example from the 20th Century, Lenin, who said ‘give me 100 committed, totally committed men and I’ll change the world.’ Once again Warren observed, “They nearly did.”

Having cited dedication and zeal of young Nazis and the efficacy of Bolshevik Revolutionaries, Warren moved on to describe how the sayings of Chairman Mao, printed up in the “Little Red Book”, had helped propel the revolutionary fervor of the Chinese Red Guard who had carried out the violent, anarchic revolutionary spasm known as the Cultural Revolution.

With those examples fresh in his audiences mind, Rick Warren instructed the crowd of his thirty thousand to hold up pre-printed signs, within their programs, white letters against a red background, that said  “Whatever it takes.”

Looking out at the crowd Warren enthused, “I’m looking at a stadium full of people who are saying, ‘whatever it takes, God’.

He’ll no doubt cut a dashing figure on the stage next week, when he gives the opening prayer for Obama: Fat, full of himself, and certified batshit crazy. What a way to kick things off.