Oh Noes! Teh Gays are Stealing Teh Rainbow from God!

tumblr_ld1jop5gM21qbcw94o1_500For sheer satire and amusement, few things beat self-righteous Xtians being thick and morally tone-deaf. Take Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, the founder and president of the Ruth Institute, aka Gay Bashers United Against Fun and Happiness. She’s upset that the gays have made the rainbow their symbol of inclusion and acceptance, because she strongly feels it’s, like, God’s trademark or something. She wants it back so she can give it to little Christian pre-schoolers to show how much she loves them unconditionally, as long as they don’t grow up gay or anything nasty like that.

Really, now. I always thought the unicorns owned the rainbows. Or leprechauns. Or maybe it’s just refraction of light. But I guess if you’re busy bashing gays all day, those happy colors they like to use will start to get on your nerves. Dr. Morse, maybe if you got a life, realized you had a thing for other women and stopped being such a pathetic waste of time, you’d come to appreciate that everyone can flaunt the rainbow — it’s not like the gays are wearing it out or denigrating it…

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