On Angels and Biblical Legislature

angelWe’re so fucking fucked. When people — Democrats, to boot! — start wanking on about “secular Bible Study” and try to pass legislation that makes their evangelical pipedream mandatory in public schools, claiming that:

“an angel was sent down on your shoulders” prompting “you to put this bill together”

then you know we’re way into very uncomfortable Xtian Taliban territory. Hey, if you want your kid taught the Bible as a literary work in the context of literature, art, music, mores, oratory and public policy, then there are quite a few fine parochial or even hardcore Xtian schools from which to choose. But if other people’s tax dollars are helping to foot the bill in the context of secular education, then I think you better stick your good book back in the sack.

Now, in fairness, this is all taking place in Kentucky (oh, and apparently has already happened in Texas), which really does put it in perspective. My heart goes out to the poor kids down there who not only have to grow up in ass-backwards hicksville with parents repressed and ignorant enough to go along with, nay, applaud, this sort of shit, but those kids now also have to endure their parents’ favorite fairy tale retold in school, only masquerading as knowledge and insight. Is the fear that they’re not getting enough indoctrination at home and in sunday school and at bible camp and so on?

Lord knows there obviously are a few sane people even in that godforsaken end of the world; and while mocking the hell out of this tragic display of religous extremism, Rick Redding at Louisville Mojo points out that:

these same people will ultimately refuse to require sex education in public schools, helping our state maintain its spot atop national rankings for teen pregnancy

Yep. Holy whackjobs, hyping their favorite book of science fiction at the expense of genuine knowledge that might actually improve the lot for the kids in their state.

(h/t Rawstory, image from here)