One Small Hero from Arkansas

pledgeOkay, Will Phillips is one ten year old who is going places in life. Facing down the establishment and refusing to stand for Pledge of Allegiance — and knowing why he’s doing it — is one ballsy move for a kid his age. Not only is he now branded a troublemaker, he’s also stigmatized by his peers as a douche because he dares show solidarity with gays & lesbians who remain without their fundamental civil rights.

I’m going to run this by my ten year old later today, and ask him why he thinks he’s pledging allegiance when nobody can make him do so — and why he might want to reconsider. I’m not going to tell him to sit down, but I’d really like him to “get” why the pledge is a crock of shit that and a disservice to everything America stands for.

Meanwhile, Will Phillips gets my vote for amazing kid of the week.

(via americablog)