Our Glorious Fight for the Right to Keep Fighting Forever

war.jpg So, John Edwards has had the audacity to suggest that we use Memorial Day to honor Vets and ot demand that this Administration stop making more vets in a senseless war with no purpose. Great concept: Support the Troops — End the War. Pretty simple. Some of us have been saying that for years, and in the beginning we were declared treasonous freaks who didn’t get the importance of finding non-existent WMD/killing our old pal Saddam/fighting them there so we wouldn’t have to fight them here/spreading freeance/whatever Karl Rove could think of next.

Of course, there are still some dead enders out there who think wars were meant to be fought forever, even if it means more dead Americans for no particular reason other than the need for keep fighting forever. It’s certainly a compellingly simply concept for your average Townhall’er — the kind of logic that even a Drudge Report reader could understand. One of them, known to the world as “snooper” is all bent out of shape over Edwards’ plan, and has cunningly launched a local event to counter the Memorial Day events. And so, while the rest of us want to support the troops by getting them home in one piece a.s.a.p., Snooper wants to rally people to support the bestest war ever because it’s going so damn peachy:

I have EVERY intention of exposing this web site as the joke and political stunt that it is. edwards “pretty boy” troll is no more a patriot than I am a socialist. Enjoy what little time y’all have left.

That’s awesome. Inspired. So, I’ve signed up for his sneaky counter-insurgency event. I told him that:

You bet. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve planned. We can’t end this war — it’s only just getting started. I can’t remember what the objective was any more, but it doesn’t matter — we clearly haven’t done enough damage or lost enough brave American lives. Heck, last time we needed 58,000 body bags before we recognized that we’d picked the wrong fight — surely we’re not stopping at 3,000 now just because we have no idea what we’re doing there?!? That’s for losers. I say we stay and fight for our right to stay and fight. And come Memorial Day, that’s what I’m going to tell that massive majority of Americans who’ve had enough of this war.

On his blog Snooper argues that Edwards’ call to support the troops while protesting the war Is “proof positive that edwards and ilk are completely brain-dead. […] The two actions are contrary to each other […]” By that fine logic no war should ever end, because that would be unpatriotic and disrespectful of the troops.

In true wingnut fashion, Snooper goes on to elaborate on his disgust with Edwards’ plan: “[Edwards] is actually calling for anti-war displays at Memorial Day Activities! How dishonorable is that to our Veterans who have sacrificed much to keep America free?” I’ve never understood that line of “patriotic” reasoning. Why is it dishonorable to want to spare our brave soldiers the risk of fighting if at all possible? Why isn’t it our duty to ensure that they’re only put in harm’s way when it is absolutely unavoidable and required to protect the vital interests of the United States? I’m sorry, but the mess in Iraq may be our doing, but keeping 150,000+ soldiers there as bonus targets in an increasingly nasty civil war is neither unavoidable nor required. They could leave tomorrow and it’d be no greater a mess than it is today; we created that mess by showing up in the first place — but why do those poor American kids have to suffer for that monumental act of stupidity on the part of a bunch of clueless civilian clowns?

Other wingnuts are equally aghast that Edwards dares to ask us to voice a protest against the war on Memorial Day while at the same time sending our support for the troops thru various groups. Why is that such a difficult or scary notion: the poor kids stuck in deep Rovian shit thousands of miles away didn’t ask to be there. We’re trying to get them home, and in the meantime, we’ll take care of them — send them some stuff, show them we care about them; heck, we’re even making sure they get the money they need until The Decider in Chief who so brilliantly placed their asses on the firing line stops posturing about in front of “Mission Accomplished” banners and realizes that his pet war has gone FUBAR. We’re doing what few Republicans apparently are capable of these days: showing compassion for the victims of a crime (at this point it’s pretty evident that this war was largely based on lies and deception — that sort of stuff usually constitutes a crime when it results in the death of thousands of people), and trying to fix the bad all at the same time.

But of course, in his bio, my erstwhile event organizer, snooper, claims that: In a nutshell, I have been fighting terrorists and the ideals of said bodies of murderers since 1974.” And those 33 years have clearly taken their toll if not on his body, then on his mind. With all the cuts this administration has made in Veteran’s services I’m guessing he’s not receiving all the counseling he so clearly needs; maybe I should send him a little support package, too.

(h/t to John @ americablog for the lead to the Edwards initative; the image is, of course, from here.)

Update: looks like Edwards’ team has purged snooper from the list of events. What a shame. I guess I’ll have to go cheer for the veterans just for the hell of it…