“For an extra twenty, I’ll dress up like Hillary and talk healthcare…”

harrissotu.jpgKatherine Harris (R-Disneyland, retired) was spotted at the SOTU handing out business cards to her former colleagues. You can’t help but wonder what services she would be offering. She doesn’t know shit about politics, she’s an incompetent fundraiser and a known liar — well, okay, that last one may actually be marketable among Republicans, but still…

“Hey, if you ever need an election rigged, call me, I know people, you know?”

“Baseless accusations against others? I got you covered.”

“Need a rabid bitch with bad taste and a total lack of common decency to take the heat for a while? I’m your girl.”

“Snake oil marketing? Baby, I practically invented snake oil.”

Of course, there’s only one trade older than politics, and I can’t help but wonder if Katherine is resorting to, ahem, more basic services in an attempt to pay of her monumental campaign debt.