Secret Neo-con Handshake?

ratzinger.jpgrice_ratzfingermove.jpgWe all so love this shot of Der Popenfuhrer… such compassion he shows as he reaches out to remove the soul of recently deceased children or whatever the hell it is he does for a living when he’s not busy sharpening his teeth.

But then, today, this shot ran on the internets of our favorite Kissinger Clone, Condi (aka Our Lady of the Pumps). And I couldn’t help but wonder: were there any dead kids in the audience at the presser in Egypt? Or was she hoping to simply zap all the wicked, bad muslims in the room with a powerful Opus Dei curse of some sort.

I mean, c’mon, it sure looks like she’s bustin’ the Pope’s signature move — or maybe it’s just some involuntary tick your body gets when your karmic level runs low enough… Either way. They’re a match made in heaven.

(Photo of Condi is of course © AP. The other I found here).