So Glad All Our Tax Dollars Are Belong To Them

Goofys_Glider_1So, even flush with untold billions of dollars and zero oversight, the Pentagon still sucks like a turbo-charged vacuum. Their latest billion dollar toy, the unmaned Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) built by our very dear friends at Lockheed Martin (“bringing death to untold millions while milking US tax payers for billions”) failed DARPA for the second time. That apparently ends this particular adventure into boldly spending where no government body has spent before.

In spite of all the fail, Panetta is so clearly right: this is a much more worthy way to blow our hard-earned money than, say, on Medicare for our seniors, or creating jobs for our unemployed of all ages.

Meanwhile, “over there,” we see that a bunch of poppy farmers with improvised $12 bombs continue to decimate the poor US soldiers who have been sentenced by our Glorious Leaders to endless duty as live targets in a pointless war. These casualties come in spite of the billion or so dollars the US is spending per day to supposedly “fight” terrorism in Afghanistan. And even though the hypersonic piece of crap failed, I’m sure the Pentagon will shortly retaliate for the latest attack by blowing up yet another couple of kids on a field somewhere in the backwaters of Farawayistan, which will, of course, keep us all much, much safer for many years to come. Because nothing is more frightening with a looming election than adolescent goat herders…

(inb4 “what’s with the headline?“)