Spineless Harry Comes A’swingin’

big-balls-squirell-964Ooh, how brave of the former boxer, laying into the lame duck president two weeks before he’s out of the White House. So very, very ballsy of Harry Reid to “stand up” to the Preznit now. Can you say “posturing”? I knew you could. Look, Harry, you’ve had years to prove your will to courageously defend the nation from “the worst President ever”, but instead of doing so when it mattered, you spent most of that time fellating George Bush, basically supporting his agenda while stomping your little feet to make it look like you didn’t, and diligently pushing aside any obstacles on your side of the isle that might possibly hamper his running roughshod over the nation.

It’s pretty chickenhawkish of you to sit there on teevee two weeks before the show is over and pretend you’re Mr. Tough Guy when your track record shows that, really, while President Bush was the big cheese you couldn’t get enough of sucking up to him and his cronies like a good little Villager.

And now that you have a solid majority in the Senate (courtesy of all the Dirty Fucking Hippies that worked to ensure a genuine D presence in all 50 states and the ensuing slew of victories) we see that you’re getting ready for more of the same: working with incoming sell-out Obama to provide the GOP with a solidly conservative stimulus package that’ll do diddly-squat for your constiuents — just like the one you pushed thru last fall for Wall Street.