Spreading Democracy & Freedom?

gay_drillI’m so glad we invaded Iraq and half-heartedly ousted the Taliban to put our own slick oil lackey, Karzai, in their place. Because clearly this has done so much in the way of promoting human rights and furthering civilization. Or has it?

Afghanistan’s President, Hamid Karzai, has signed a law which “legalises” rape, women’s groups and the United Nations warn.

Yep. In an attempt to win the votes of the rapid mullah faction of his shia electorate, Karzai casually threw women’s rights under the bus. Across the road in Iraq, our heavily-propped-up regime of Despots 2.0 are busy, too:

Amnesty International reports that Iraq authorities are planning to execute 128 prisoners this week – and it believes many of them were imprisoned just for being gay.

Apparently, that Constitution thingie that some of them reluctantly agreed to adopt has a few loopholes when it comes to trivial matters like allowing institutionalized bigotry. So, now that we’re pretty much done f*@king the place up royally with our own prejudices and ignorance, we’re apparently letting the locals pick up where they left off.

I’m so glad to see that my tax dollars are hard at work furthering my values. After all, nothing spells progress like victimizing raped women (maybe Karzai can hire Bill O’Reilly as a consultant?) and dead gay kids.

(Fabulous picture is from slapupsidethehead.com)