The Olympics: yep, now also “Made in China”

freetibet5.jpgAh, the Olympics. It’s not just syncronized swimming and underfed Romanian gymnasts any more: our most-favored source for all things toxic and plastic has been putting a novel spin on the Olympics. First, they’ll see if they can choke the competitors with their smog, and at the same time they’re going to display their finely honed respect for Human Rights by killing a few thousand tibetan monks as part of the opening ceremony. It’s going to be swell. Hopefully nobody important will be there to watch.

Of course, our fiendishly cunning foreign policy expert, Kindasleazy Rice, just took China off the human rights violators list, so this must all be one bit misunderstanding, right? I bet as soon as those notoriously violent monks STFU, the peace-loving Chinese will go right back to producing crap for WalMart. Yeah, harmony prevails.