They Write Letters

Just sent this off to my local Senator from VT:

Dear Senator Leahy,

I was heartened to hear your comments regarding the future role of Senator Lieberman on VPR earlier today. I am glad (but of course not at all surprised) that a senator from Vermont would be the first to ask that Joe Lieberman be relieved of his committee chairmanship.

He is no longer a Democrat. He was kicked out of the party by the Democratic voters in Connecticut in ’06. He has done a terrible job of enforcing  his committee’s vital tasks for the past two years; homeland security is way to important to be left in the hands of someone with a track record like his.

His final insult to the Democratic party was his shameless campaigning for John McCain, during which he stooped to levels unbecoming any Senator, most certainly a Democrat.

What message will it send to the American People if a turncoat who has spent the past few years being wrong about everything is allowed to pretend to play a role in righting the ship of state?

Please continue to do what you can ensure that Senator Lieberman is given the position he deserves: outside of influence, relegated to obscurity.