Tom Harkin: Still Smoking Crack and Proud of it


What a cringefest. Senator Tom Harkin (D-Clueless) trots out his take on why marijuana should remain illegal. It’s just pathetic. He’s either a) willfully ignorant, or b) stubbornly pushing a failed policy just for the hell of it. Either way, he’s a disgrace as a supposed liberal, and his logic is is so failed it’s hard to know where to begin…

First of all, people selling their kids to buy more marijuana?!? What deranged wingnut think tank cooked up that line? Hardly, Tom, and you know it.

The victims of the drug war are many – the small child whose parents are so addicted to illegal drugs that they sell everything including perhaps their own children to obtain a fix; the police officer’s family which must now learn to cope with the loss of their loved one as a result of a violent drug bust gone awry. These are the people I think of when I say that drugs pose a significant threat to the security of this nation.

Yes, Tom, and let’s try to analyze that for a second: if marijuana didn’t cost more than a pack of ciggies, then people wouldn’t have to commit crimes (or sell their kids, natch) to finance their habit. If marijuana was legal, there wouldn’t be any drug busts where cops could get killed. The threat to this nation is not so much from those dreaded drugs, but from the stupid and misguided policies that you seem so hellbent on perpetuating.

I am tempted to write Senator Harkin a letter asking him why cigarettes and alcohol remain legal. Using his own logic, they clearly shouldn’t be. And using common sense and a history book it’ll become quite clear that prohibition is *not* the way to win the war on anything that people want badly enough.

As for “winning the war on drugs”, The Onion had the best take ever on that failed enterprise with the headline “Drugs Win Drug War”. The chatter is over here.

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