Try to Remember in November: Jim Douglas is THEIR kind of guy…

Sometimes we granola Vermonters seem to want to forget that choices have consequences — not least of all for ourselves. And so, we re-elect complete suckers like Jim Douglas to term after term, in spite of everything he hasn't done for our state. He's up for re-election again in Novermber, and evidently he's decided to go into that election by firmly anchoring himself to the aggressive dementia wing of the "War is Teh Awesome" party:

John McCain is the conservative who can rally and unify our party for victory in November," said Governor Jim Douglas. "John has a 24-year record of being strong on national security, cutting taxes and wasteful spending, and reforming and restoring trust in government to make our country stronger."

Can we please try to remember this come November? This is the same Jim Douglas who worked tirelessly to get Dubya re-elected in 2004. he likes the kind of "privatize the profits, socialize the cost & risk" policies that has brought the United States into a recession, has cost the lives of thousands of Americans (including a disproportionately high number of vermonters). Those are not just abstract GOP policies; those are HIS policies, too. That's how he's running this state. That's why we still don't have a state-wide single payer health plan, even though all the numbers show that it would be cheaper and better for all of us. That's why our infrastructure is shot to hell and our energy prices are thru the roof: Jim Douglas and his fellow Republicans empowered the clowns in Washington that purposefully drove the car off the cliff. Now Douglas is eagerly pointing to the senile war monger in the back seat, insisting that McCain is just swell and really should be allowed drive us the rest of the way to hell.

I think it's time for Douglas and his fellow delusional Republicans to hand over the keys and apologize for the damage while the adults try to bring in a tow truck and get things back on track around here. Of course, there's always the really smart option for Vermont: seceed.