Wild Business Plan

What a weird way to try to make a living. Some bozo called shawnwilson54[at]googlemail.com just emailed me:


I wondered if you would be interested in buying the .COM version of your domain name willowschool.us for $195 ?

Let me know.


Now, here’s the thing. That domain name is publicly available. I just registered it thru my usual registrar for a whopping ten bucks. As I wrote to Shawn:

Hi Shawn,

The answer is “no”: I would not be interested in buying the name for $195. But thx so much for the reminder. I totally forgot to lock that domain down the last time I was out shopping. Just got it for $9.99 — almost 95 percent off the rather exorbitant “asking price”. Wat a bargain, and what a great and interesting service you offer!

How this pays his bills I have no idea. Reminds me of the Underpants Gnomes.