A Delightful Bigot


Yes, there’s something delightful about a man who will compare the love of his fellow human beings to incest and pedophelia. Delightful. In classic MSM fashion, asshats like Dionne help turn Warren’s outrageous positions into merely controversial points of view, nothing more, nothing less:

If you’re on the left, how you view Obama’s move depends upon who you think Warren is, where you think he’s going, and what you think Obama is up to.

Uh,  no. If you’re a compassionate human being you would probably realize that what Warren represents is the same bigotry and hatred of his fellow humans that has marred us thru millenia of civilization. “They” are different, and “they” must be cast out, trod down and denigrated, lest they infect those of us more pure with their vile ways. Be it blacks or jews or gays or foreigners, this kind of hatred is nothing new. But it was never right, and it never will be right — that’s not a matter of opinion, really, it’s a matter of basic rights and common decency.

I’m certainly curious to know what “Obama is up to”, but Warren has been quite unequivocal about who he is and what he stands for, and it is *not* the kind of change I can believe in. And as a consequence, his presence at the inauguration will cast a very long shadow on Obama’s promise as a future leader.